• Elevated Science

    Elevate Technologies is a biotechnology company headquartered in Puerto Rico with a Research and Development team recruited from the heart of the Biotech industry.  The Elevate management team brings decades of experience in natural product development, genomics, business development and large scale commerce.  As a formulations technology company, Elevate Technologies specializes in developing effective and commercially viable plant based biochemistries utilizing science driven approaches through knowledge of plant genome bioprocesses.

What makes us unique??

We are biotech innovators developing science-based, high quality products that are unique to the market. With health and safety standards in place, our plant based products are developed to create truly synergistic effects.

    • true biotech innovators
    • plant based chemistry
    • high quality product
    • large scale distribution
  • Our Technology

    Elevate Technologies research and development portfolio includes best in class natural product discovery, genomic technologies and product commercialization.

Natural Products and Genomics Research

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