We are very excited about the re-launch of our website at Trinity Terpenes!  It’s been a long road since we started in 2016 and there is a lot to catch you up on.  Our blog will be the place to find new information about our company, our products and of course about Terpenes!

Trinity Terpenes was founded in the heart of Southern California. Our team has years of first hand experience working in the epicenter of this Industry. By choosing Trinity Terpenes, you not only get access to the world’s highest quality terpenes, you get to experience the most advanced products on the market curated from years of working directly with California brands.

What’s New?

Our main focus this year has been on our botanical profile creations and on our online shop page.  Our botanical profiles provide the same flavors and effects that you all love from Trinity Terpenes.  They contain the same enhancing technology – but they have no regulated compounds.  Many regions have legalized in 2018 and as a company we decided to de-risk by going legit.

We brought back some original Trinity Terpenes profiles like Kalashnikova, Blueberry OG and Strawberry AK.  These were our customer’s favorite products and we’re glad to continue with them in our line up.  To this we’ve also added some exciting new products like Blue Glue, Bubble Kush and Biscotti.  These are just a few examples of our Strain Specific and Naturally Flavored Strains.  Each product is developed to create specific effects, flavors and aromas.

Our Strain Specific Profiles are created to mimic well known strains and comes available in a Terpene Only formulation or with our T-Zero enhancing solution.  Our Naturally Flavored Strains are a combination of terpenes for effects and natural flavors to produce nuanced or really in your face flavors.

Lastly, we have released our stock profiles available in our T-Ready technology formulated specifically for inhalation.  We developed this technology for our high volume clients who want simplicity and consistency in their products.  T-Ready is designed to add to extracted oils whereas our T-Ready for Crystalline is designed to add to crystalized extracts.