T-Ready Technology is a drop in solution created specifically for adding terpenes to your distillate or isolate for inhalation.  T-Ready is a formulation of natural, plant based oils with terpene profiles that is mixed with your cannabinoids prior to loading a cartridge.  There are two categories of terpene profiles to choose from; Strain Specific Terpenes and Naturally Flavored Strains.

T-Zero is the mixing agent in T-Ready Products and is a specific formulation of medium chain triglycerides (MCT) derived from natural, plant based oils.  Fractional distillation of the bulk oils are used to select for specific molecular mass MCTs. The formulae was created to increase the bioavailability of active agents (cannabinoids and terpenes) and to reduce the astringency or harshness of the terpenes.  T-Ready contains a ratio of known chain lengths that are consistent batch to batch creating a product with known characteristics.

Stock T-Ready products are created to add to concentrates or distillate in a ratio of 25% VRT to 75% distillate.  T-Ready for Crystalline stock products are created to add 60% T-Ready for Crystalline to 40% CBD.  Custom formulations can be generated to reduce or increase the amount of mixing agent utilized.

T-Zero is the MCT formulation without addition of terpenes and can be utilized in formulation of cannabinoids and terpenes.