about elevate technologies

Elevate Technologies is a biotechnology company headquartered in Puerto Rico with a global Research and Development team recruited from the heart of the Biotech industry. The Elevate management team brings decades of experience in natural product development, genomics, business development and large scale commerce. As a formulations technology company, Elevate Technologies specializes in developing effective and commercially viable plant based biochemistries utilizing science driven approaches through knowledge of plant genome bioprocesses.

the brand

When licensing Elevate’s patent pending technologies, our clients’ inherit a greater brand empowerment by leveraging Elevate’s consumer facing brand name “Trinity Terpenes”. Trinity Terpenes works with select regional manufacturers and processors to develop “Powered by Trinity Terpenes” science driven product lines that are always high quality, highly effective, and industry respected. Trinity Terpenes is an internationally recognized terpene brand with tried and true processes and production of the highest quality terpenes and products on the market.

meet our executive team

  • Mateo A. Levy

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Justin Freyre

    Chief Operations and Business Officer

  • Wayne Green

    Chief Science Officer